Creative Director

All the things I am: Thinker. Maker. Doer. Trusted collaborator. Mentor. Marketer. Influencer. Innovator. Storyteller. Throughout the course of my career, I’ve always subscribed to Vladimir Nabokov’s assertion that genius is finding the invisible link between things — from holding company agencies to venture capital backed startups, independent firms to consultancies, advertising to PR and experiential, technology to healthcare, gaming to entertainment, retail to automotive, finance and investing to the US Army.

I’m the kind of person that others gravitate to, not just because of conceptual chops or intelligence, but because I energize my teams and clients with my work ethic, ethos, and passion. I’m a believer in the power of creativity, particularly when it comes to translating complex ideas into cogent and captivating communications. My mission is to produce game-changing work that defines, illuminates and supports the client’s business needs. How we get there is part art and part science, with an equal mix of fortitude, strategy, imagination, and talent.